Google Partners With Verizon to Offer Free 3G Data For Chrome OS Netbooks

Google has announced that they are teaming with Verion Wireless to offer 100mb of 3g data free on it’s Chrome OS netbooks. The plan is simple 100mb free per month for the first two years.

This may not seem like a lot of data however studies have showed that people use an average of 230mb on their phones and 14gb on their wired connections. Although 100mb of data seems small it may be perfect fo those who prefer to use their netbooks via wifi most of the time and may need to do a quick look up or respond to an email on a cab ride.  There will be a small percentage of users that actual don’t go over the 100mb.

3g connectivity in the Google Chrome OS netbooks is powered by a GoBi 3G cellular module. The Gobi module supports CDMA, GSM and WiFi.  Users who go over their 100mb free allowance can purchase day passes at $9.99 or blocks of data starting at 1GB. Again, day passes are perfect for those who use their netbook primarily on a free wifi conection, get it when you need it instead of getting bundles of data that you don’t use.  It’s been found that most people aren’t using netbooks as their primary source of data.

The free data is definitely an interesting benefit to a Chrome OS netbook. Chrome OS is Google’s new OS built to compliment the Chrome browser. It’s a light weight operating system that relies a lot on the cloud.

Are you excited about Chrome OS?

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