Google Flexes it’s Muscle; Buys up Entire City Block in NYC

The Googleblock: Google has purchased this building a blockwide in New York City photo: New York Post

Tech journalists, Android journalists and Android enthusiasts thinking about moving to Mountainview California to be closer to the Googleplex, fuggedaboutit.  Google has closed a deal worth $1.8 billion dollars, purchasing an entire city block in New York City.

Although they are keeping their campus at 1600 Ampitheater Parkway in Mountainview California, Googlers on the east coast now have a new address, 111 8th Avenue New York, NY.  The collossal structure only fit for a king, or well Google, sits between 8th and 9th avenues and 15th and 16th strees, blockwide. It’s in the Chelsea neighborhood.

The Googleblock, as we’re going to call it, is 3 millon square feet. At the rate of Google’s growth they should have no problem filling the space.

Source: New York Post

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