Google Body, Google Takes Search To A New Level

Google is the king of all search. We can search everything under the sun using traditional Google search. You can see your neighbors house or a McDonalds in New York City using Street View. You can throw out your free standing GPS with Google Maps/Navigation. We use Google Maps and of course Android.  Google is now introducing a new product called Google Body.

If you were curious about the anatomy and didn’t want to plop down hundreds of dollars for a college text book or anatomy program have no fear Google Body is here (well almost). The new Google Body will work with web browsers enabled with WebGL (think Chrome 9 beta and Firefox 4 beta).

The premise is simple, Google Body allows you to see a rotating 3 dimensional body and pull back the layers from the skin all the way down to the central nervous system. We are sure you’re singing “The hip bones connected to the thigh bone” well now you can see what ways they actually connect.

Google Body also incorporates a search (what Google product doesn’t) and with search you can look up bones by name to arteries, and even the cerebellum.

While this isn’t going to qualify you to be Doogie Howser, it is a great learning tool for all ages.

You can check it out in action at the Google Blog

Source: Google Blog

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