Givatron Makes Donating Easy On Android

Ever since we ran this story on Apple banning donation apps, giving and donating has become a hotbutton for Android.  Android allows an apps user to make donations directly through the application which makes it very attractive to major charitiers, like the Salvation Army.

Givatron takes giving and donating to a whole new level. Giveatron allows the user to give or donate to any charity registered in it’s system in the United States and instantly have access to a printable receipt for tax purposes. The easy to use application, once installed, allows the user to peruse a database with all North American charities and then donate using paypals in-app payment processing system. The app will then generate a receipt for tax deduction purposes and lets the user decide whether they want to share their information with the charity or donate annonymously.

Givatron is great for the charities as well as it allows the charity to receive donations from Android users from anywhere and at anytime. They also don’t need to make an investment in payment processing as paypal allows donations to take place without fees.

Givatron is a Benevity prodcut. Benevity uses custom api’s to assist in corporate giving and responsibility. Companies can work with Benevity on their charity initiatives. Through Benevity’s api’s companies can count on safe and secure charitable donations, tracking and tax deductible receipts.

Givatron allows Android users to make donations anywhere and at anytime they want using their Android device.

Source: Benevity/Givatron

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  1. 4. Your information was so-so. Still I agree with you that doing Charity is very good. It helps people who are really in distress. And it’s my personal opinion that every person who is living a wealthy life, must Donate money of a little amount of their wealth to help others. Donate money, Help a cause

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