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Gelaskins Helps You Wrap Your Tab!

While we were combing through our 8,432,321 CES conference requests we are constantly looking for products that may be in the I-Lounge or designed for iPhone that have hopes, plans or ideas to move over to Android as well. Every once in a while we catch a gem in the rough at not just CES but at most of the technology events.  One of those such Gems in Gelaskins.

Forgive us if you’ve already heard of Gelaskins however we received a typical one on one request from Gelaskins PR firm which of course said iPad iPad iPad all over it, so we asked the awesome PR person if they could find out if they had plans for Android and they pointed us here to over 100 already designed Galaxy Tab skins.

These skins provide extra protection for your electronics. They also help you show your personality through a piece of technology and at an event when everyone puts their devices down for a second, yours can stand out in a crowd.  If you own an iPad and you’re venturing out to CES Gelaskins is having a giveaway. If you are a Galaxy Tab owner click here now to see all they have to offer.

The Gelaskins are a thin, easy to apply film made by 3M (think the company that wraps Nascar hence the headline) and they look great.  Check out a few designs below and get on over to gelaskins now.

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