Geeks, Nerds, Androids Beer Pong Worth $50,000 Vegas Baby

If the 2011 CES convention and the prospects of bumping into porn stars at AVN during the same week wasn’t enough to get the geek crew to Las Vegas, well come two days earlier and you’ll be able to witness the original World Series of Beer Pong.

The World Series of Beer Pong is in it’s 5th year. It was the brain child of two Carneige Mellon Alumns, Billy Gaines and Duncan Carroll. They met at the prestigious university in 1999 and three years later (and hundreds of beer pong games later) they formed which has become the official governing body of beer pong.

Although not as prestigious as say John Forbes Nash or former CEO’s of Xerox, Sunoco, General Motoros or Bank of America, Carroll and Gaines have turned beer pong into a break even $3 million dollar a year business. They own the website which officiates local bar tournaments and sells merchandise through Spencer’s novelty stores at just about every major shopping mall in America.

The World Series of Beer Pong will set you back $500 and includes 4 nights at the original and world famous (well not the original anymore) Flamingo Resort, of course no other hotel would be fitting for such an event.¬† Now for you MMA loving techie androidites, the event’s MC is MMA’s Bruce Buffer!

Seriously this is a true story for more information visit

Source: Forbes

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