Gadget of the Week: Motorola Command and Motorola Finiti Bluetooth Headsets

I’ve been testing two bluetooth headsets from Motorola for the past two weeks and have been pleasantly surprised. I have always been a huge fan of the Jawbone line of bluetooth products, but Motorola has two great products that I have fallen in love with.

First is the Motorola Comand ONE. It has great sound quality, tells you when you have text messages and emails, it tells you who is calling by name our number, depending on your carrier and phone model and it can go about 4 days with regular use on a single charge. I loved this headset. This headset is $129.99 MSP.

Then I opened the Motorola Finiti. This headset is definitely the more advanced of the two. There are several earpieces that make sure it fits your ear. It has extremely clear call quality and you almost forget it was there. This one also has the text and email features. This headset is also $129.99 MSR.

Both headsets can pair with two phones at the same time and have really been wonderful headsets to use.Both are compatible with the Motospeak application in the Android Market which makes it completely handsfree!  But I have to say the Finiti is me favorite of the two.

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