Fuze Box Offers the First Ever Multi Party HD Video Conferencing in Your Hand

Add this to the Steve Jobs will get it in the next release file…

You may remember back in the middle of November we told you about a new company called Fuze and their Fuze meeting solution that allowed for video conferencing via the The Samsung Galaxy tab or any other Android device running 2.x or better and with a front facing camera. We saw the Fuze product at the recent Pepcom show in New York City.

They announced early Thursday that they have now moved their Fuze Presence technology into a beta test. Fuze presence takes the video conferencing concept found in Fring, Qik and Yahoo Messenger and adds multi participant functionality.¬† Users can login and video conference from any camera enabled device. Android phones, Android tablets, laptops, desktops and iPhones can fully participate in the video conferencing, iPads can log in to the service and watch the conference (they don’t have cameras yet)

Fuze Box’s technology will allow business users and families the option to video conference virtually anywhere in the world. For more please see our previous story here.

Source: Fuze Box

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