Fry Electronics CEO Predicts Smartphones and Tablets Will Be The Biggest Winner in 2011

When Best Buy returned their third quarter results earlier this week they cited slower sales in tvs and laptops and that smartphones and tablets were their growth area.  Randy Fry, President and Co-Founder of the regional electronics giant, Fry’s echoed the same thoughts in a release issued via CEA this morning.

Fry told the Consumer Electronics Association that 4G would be the most siginificant technology trend and hand in hand with that would go smartphones and tablets.  He also went on to say that there will be a huge emphasis on “the cloud” because of smartphones and tablets and speculates that collobaration in the workforce will also have a heavy reliance on “the cloud”

When Fry was asked about the biggest challenge the consumer electronics industry faces in 2011, it was the need to have a unified approach to rolling out products. Fry feels that exclusive releases, such as the Samsung Nexus S exclusively at Best Buy, hurts the consumer more than it helps the retailer, and in turn the wallets of consumer electronics manufacturers.

Fry expects the smartphone/tablet category to sell the most units. He also suggests that innovations in internet tv and 3d technology will help the home theater segment and that video gaming will remain strong in 2011.

In addition to his position at Fry’s, Randy Fry serves as CEA’s executive board chairman.


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