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EXCLUSIVE: GLU Bringing DJ Hero to the Android Screen!

Thanks to the fine people over at Glu sent me one of there next Android releases and thats DJ Hero ahead of launching it in the App Market to take for a test drive. After playing it for some time and never playing the one on a game console I find my self wanting more… More songs as with the one that I was sent only has 5, however when the full release is out more will hopefully be in it.  I found the controls mighty easy to use and pick up on however the inability to really see if you are touching the controls is an issue both I and other games will have.

The controls of the game are easy as seen in the picture to the right, however you’ll notice that when your hand is pressing on the keys it’ll make it so you can see if you are pressing it or not as there is no feedback built in when you press it. Besides the fact of not knowing when you press the key its fairly easy to catch on quick to the game and start with the fun. This being the first time I’ve ever played the game.. Phone or home game console I did find it both fun and entertaining and something I’d continue to play over and over again. Like the home system one you have to play and “beat” levels to proceed to the next one. With having only a beta one there was only 5 levels in which I could play from.

The game play did have some things I wish could be changed and that was the fact the once I started a game I couldn’t pause it and come back to it I’d have to start all over. The buttons if when pressed to give some feedback would also be nice as with pressing down on the button/key you don’t know if in fact you are pressing down on it at all or if you miss it is a major minus with this game.

The game does let you upload and save your high scores to post against other users which is nice. Also while going through the achievements I do notice more things then just what I am able to do now so hopefully those will be in the main release when the application is full done and released.

At the time of writing this article we haven’t heard back on a release, OS requirement or the price yet but will include once we get that information as well as hopefully a full review once we are given the complete game.

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