Cricket Wireless Introduces Muve Music Service at CES

Cricket is hoping to attract more customers from its core demographic to a new type of phone/service combo.  Next month at CES Cricket will introduce Muve Music service.

Muve Music come sin conjunction with a $55 phone service plan and is going to be available on a special phone designed by Samsung called the Samsung Suede which retails for $199.  The $55 service plan will allow customers to download unlimited amounts of music while they are in 3g areas, directly to their phones.  The Suede will feature a partitioned area of it’s memory designed specifically to keep the downloads.  That partition is expected to hold 3,000 songs.

Cricket’s Vice President Jeffrey Toig, says that the service is geared to their primary customer base, where he contends most of them don’t have computers to download music.  Of the ones that do own a computer Toig says that most of his customers aren’t downloading music from itunes at .99/per song however most of them are illegally downloading music.

Through DRM and their deal with the labels the music can’t be moved off the phone but can be played through a car stereo or other device using a 3.5mm cable.

Cricket will roll the service out in Las Vegas next month and expects to have 10 additional markets on board by the end of the month.

Source: Allthingsdigital/Mobilized

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