Chuck Norris Android App!

Here’s a quick video of the Chuck Norris Jokes Android app. No it won’t give you a 5 core multi processor that’s being dubbed “Chuck Norris”. It won’t give you the power of being able to roundhouse your opponent in a bar fight. It won’t make you stronger, although it might make you laugh.

Truth be told its really it’s not that big a deal. Basically you get a screen and at the top of the screen right above Chuck Norris’ hat you get a Chuck Norris joke, or saying some of them really arent that funny. So why are we posting this and the video because we all know that Chuck Norris kicks ass. Period! So despite the lack of humor (although some of them are funny) this app is a 5star epic app in our book because it’s Chuck and everyone loves chuck.

Video of Chuck Norris epicness after the break…

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