Chankukah Song 2010 Style

It’s almost time to spin a driedel
Put on your yamakah its time for chanukah
It’s so much funkah to celebrate chanukah
Chanukah is The Festival of Lights
Instead of 1 day of presents we get 8 crazy nights

So if you feel like the only geek in town
without a christmas tree
Here’s a cooler list of people who are jewish
Just like you and me

Michael Dell, uses his Dell Streak to read the Torah
Then flies to Redmond and Grabs Steve Ballmer to do a Horah
Guess who cant share their gelt or their Chanukah toys
Larry Ellison From Oracle
and All 3 Google Boys,

Tom from myspace is only half jewish
But Zuckerberg is all jew
Put them together and theres no more friends left in the world for you

We’ve Got Billionarie George Soros, and Chief of staff Rahm Emanuel
Andy Rubin From Google is Jewish
And yes Androids numbers are real

Put on your yamaka
Its time for Chanukah

No one at LG, Samsung
Or Yamaha
Celebrate Chanukah

Steve Jobs, Still Not a jew
But guess who is Steve Wozniak his former number 2

Motorola Had A CEO that was Jewish
But  he retired, so they hired a goy no wait make that two

Ivan Seidenberg From Verizon Is Jewish
They don’t care what you call LTE cuz its fast

Guess who got Bar Mitzvahed, Playing Farmville with all of us
No im not talking about your Aunt Betty, But Zynga Founder Mark Pincus

So Many Jews are in the Tech Biz
Walt Mossberg is proudly Jewish, But Arrington wont say if he is

Skype Josh Silverman,and Yelp Jeremy Stoppleman,
It’s Time to celebrate Chanukah
Its not pronounced CH-anukah the c is silent in Chanukah
So wear your Android Swagonica
Get Drunk in the Valley of Sillicononica
If you really wantaca
Have a Happy Happy Chanukah

-By Some Guy Named Sandler (no the other one)

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