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CES: LG Expected To Bring Honeycomb Tablet As Well

All this talk about Honeycomb has made us hungry…

The Korea Times Newspaper is reporting that in addition to the LG Optimus 2x handset, mobile 3d televisions, LG has a little honeycomb favored treat to be revealed at CES as well.

We already know that the Motorola Xoom is coming. There has also been some speculation that we could see the next installment of the Samsung Galaxy Tab in Las Vegas. Now, LG wants to get in the game as well.

The LG Honeycomb tablet is rumored to have the Nvidia Tegra 2 processor which has become the benchmark for Honeycomb Android tablets. The LG tablet is also said to be 8.9 inches which is right between the size of the Apple iPad and The Samsung Galaxy Tab.

At CES 2010 we saw over 30 different Andoid MID’s some of them came to market, others did not. All of them were produced by much smaller companies. This year we see tablets coming from just about every major electronics manufacturer in the industry.

We reported earlier today that HTC has filed a patent for the HTC Scribe. It is doubtful that HTC will be able to show anything more than a prototype of this device.

Source: KoreaTimes via Tech Radar
Image: Phonedog

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