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BREAKING: Craig McCaw One Of The Godfathers of Wireless is Resigning Tomorrow From Clearwire

Kirkland WA-

Chairman of Clearwire Craig O McCaw is resigning from his position tomorrow. Bloomberg announced this after the bell this evening.

Craig McCaw started in wireless with McCaw Cellular and some cable properties, eventually turning them into cellular one, AT&T wireless and then Nextel Partners.  McCaw was a pioneer who some thought was a bit off his rocker, but his vision and insight were amazine.

When McCaw started Clearwire with his friends from Nextel Partners, Perry Saterlee, Jim Ryder and Ben Wolff, it was still pre-wimax but it was faster than AOL, faster than dial up.

This announcement comes just one week before CES adn as Clearwire beat it’s expected 2010 roll out by a few days.

Ben Wolff, is expected to take McCaw’s position at the top of the Clearwire boat.  Clearwire announced in November that they were laying off 15% of it’s work force and went with a plan to sell debt securities to raise money to continue it’s expansion.  Sprint owns 51% of Clearwire. Other majors, including Google, Comcast, and Time Warner also own a stake in the company.

In the past McCaw hasn’t been one to leave without a fight, although Clearwire and McCaw have said the decision was not over any disagreement, albeit rather sudden.

Source: Bloomberg

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