Blackberry: That Lowest Common Denominator Thing in Graph!

If you’re a reader of then you know our favorite moment of D8 (last years all things digital) was when Steve Jobs said that Hypercard was more popular than flash.  You also know that our favorite moment from All Things Digital D: Dive into Mobile was when Walt Mossberg asked Mike Lazaridis, CEO of Blackberry, “So you decided to chain yourself to the lowest common denominator”

Well that question/comment came as Kara Swisher and Walt were really just asking about competitive landscape. Kara Swisher even told Lazaridis that she had owned and loved a Blackberry once, but not anymore…

Verizon Wireless just released the graph below showing how RIM/Blackberry is falling within the nations largest carrier.  Ever since Verizon came barrelling out of the gate with the Motorola Droid launch last year it’s been doomsday for Blackbery. In fact when Verizon adds the iPhone in 2011 it’s going to push Blackberry down even further.

As it stands right now Blackberry has gone from a whopping 85% of device sales in April 09 to less than 20% in November of 2010.  Considering that Verizon has one of the biggest business clienteles of any telecommunications company this data is certainly disheartening for the people at RIM, or is it?

Call it a lack of evolution.  Blackberry did just buy The Astonishing Tribe, a graphic interface design team known for their kick ass work in Android in hopes to revive the once must have device back into the hands of many.  While on stage at the D: Dive Into Mobile event Lazaridis seemed only focused on the playbook and the new technology that they are adapting.  He didn’t really answer questions about Blackberry or their position in the competitive landscape.  Perhaps they are abandoning the handset all together.

Leading up to the launch of the Blackberry Torch it was touted as the new must have device from Blackberry with the new Blackberry 6 OS, presumably their franchise piece for the holiday season. However it’s already had its price cut two times and is available free today at Best Buy, yeah we know holidays and all, but the price hasnt held. In fact Laziridis admitted that the Blackberry Torch was the introuctory device for the new OS.  It’s probably the sexiest Blackberry to date but it seems that RIM/Blacbkerry released the device and now only wants to be bothered with playbook.

Source: Phonedog

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