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AT&T Worst Carrier Overall, Sprint Most Improved- Consumer Reports

The Consumer Reports annual report on cell phones hits news stands today and the news isn’t good for AT&T, The Nations Fastest Network Period.

Consumer Reports surveyed 58,000 cell phone users for their annual report on cell phones which hit news stands today.  AT&T ranked the lowest out of all the carriers represented in the survey. Over half of the participants who used AT&T also owned one of the versions of the iPhone. iPhone owners seemed overall less satisfied with AT&T and their data services versus owners of other smartphones on other carriers.

U.S. Cellular ranked best among contract wireless carriers, beating out Verizon from last years survey.  Sprint came up this year and tied Verizon for overall satisfaction. Verizon had held the top spot in the survey since 2003. Dan Hesse, Sprint CEO, spoke highly of their customer service turnaround in his last quarterly earnings report. The Consumer Reports survey showed the same improvement in customer service that Hesse had spoken of.

The entire report is onsale now and includes local data for 23 markets. Buy it at newsstands or check it out online.

Source: Consumer Reports

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