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AT&T: The Nation’s Fastest Mobile Broadband Period (mobile broadband not available in all areas)

Don’t think we were just trying to get you to click on an article.  We apologize in advance for any coffee or other substances spit out on keyboards or Android devices as you read the headline. However we are not responsible.

It seems the marketing department at AT&T has jumped on the 4G bandwagon. No, we are not referring to them calling HSPA+ 4G. What we have here is the marketing department going for the same strategy as the other carriers. Let us explain.  As you know by reading or any other respectable Android site, the ITU has declared that 4G is defined as 100mbps download speed, which none of our 4 carriers currently offer.

Apparently the carriers don’t care what you call it their next data is “Fast”. Take Verizon’s Jeffrey Nelson for instance, as they closed out their conference call he proudly said “I don’t care if you call it Chicken Soup it’s fast”. So all four carriers want to be in this trade association although they blatantly disregard it’s definitions, in the meantime I’m going to apply to be part of the ADA although I am not a dentist…

So now the AT&T story. AT&T has launched the two commercials seen below and are now billing themselves as the “Country’s Fastest Network Period”  which of course is just as true as any of the other three carriers offering 4G. Right? We did some of our own research going back to November when AT&T touted that they have the same HSPA+ network as T-Mobile (Infrastructuraly they do and we know that’s not a word). However they aren’t running at those speeds.  So since that claim we’ve been to New York City, Hartford Conneticut, Baltimore, Washington DC, Miami, Dallas, and parts of California. We tested AT&T vs T-Mobile in all those places and T-Mobile always won by at least a megabyte or more.

So… After all that editorializing and opinion let’s say this. AT&T has made some strides when it comes to Android with more goodness on the way. AT&T does have the HSPA+ backbone which everyone would love to see. So bring it show us you are the Country’s Fastest Network or are you just saying it like everyone says they’re 4G.. thats chicken soup for the cell

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