AT&T “Fastest In The World”: AT&T’s Glen Lurie Provides Explanation for “Nations Fastest Mobile Broadband”

Glen Lurie, Head of Emerging Devices at AT&T sat in the hotseat today with Walt Mossberg from All Things Digital. Mossberg is pretty open minded in his regular reports and reviews for however if you read Mossberg like we do you know that AT&T and specifically iPhone and iPad data seem to be a frustration.  During the interview, which you can read here, Mossberg asks repeatedly about network performance to which Lurie evades.

One interesting thing Lurie did do was explain how they qualify “The Nations Fastest Mobile Broadband Period”.  We ran this piece earlier in the week touting AT&T’s new commercials highlighting the speeds of their 3G mobile broadband/data services.  Using all four carriers, and traveling about 200 days a year, we know what’s fast and where and at the moment AT&T is definitely not the fastest mobile broadband avaialable. In fact we are hard pressed to find markets where AT&T’s data is the fastest.

We will say this, even when not fast, at least our data connections don’t seem to get interrupted. Calls, is another thing, but data seems to be consistent.

So When Glen Lurie sat down with Walt Mossberg at the All Things Digital D: Dive Into Mobile event today Mossberg was asking Lurie about speed.  Mossberg said “Speed is one thing , but initiating and holding calls is another” during this question Lurie said  “Data traffic has grown 5000 percent over three years, fastest in the world”

So there you have it there is the logic behind their branding “The Nations Fastest Mobile Broadband Period”


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