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Are Viewsonic and Toshiba’s Tablet Woes Stemming From Nvidia?

Staples pulled Viewsonic’s tablet off the shelves today citing a “manufacturers defect” and with no further explanation to that. Inquiries to Viewsonic and Toshiba have not been returned as of yet.  Toshiba pulled their 10″ Folio tablet off the shelves in the UK about a month ago. Both tablets are running Nvidia’s Tegra 2 chipset alongside Android 2.2. However the one thing both tablets also have in common is they are not running the “optimized” full Android experience with the Google Apps suite.

4Square Media’s Smarthouse website has said that the Viewsonic issue is a problem with the Nvidia Tegra 2 processor and also makes reference to Toshiba’s use of the same chipset.

Google advised against rushing tablets to market with Android 2.2 as it’s not “optimized” for tablets. Honeycomb is the version that is optimized for tablet pcs.  Google did allow Samsung to use Android 2.2 in the Samsung Galaxy Tab which does feature the full Android 2.2 experience with the Google Apps. Early speculation suggested that Samsung was allowed to do this because the overseas versions offer telephone connectivity, and while the telephone connectivity is present in the US versions it has been disabled.

Nvidia is supposed to make a huge splash with a bunch of tablets and smartphones featuring the Android operating system releasing at CES.

Source: Smarthouse

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