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Apple Pulls Anti-Gay App off Market

We reported over the weekend that an app  entitled Manhattan Declaration, was available in the Apple app market. The application was based on the Manhattan Declaration which was penned by Catholic and Christian leaders and condemned same sex unions as “an erosion of marriage”.  The app was sent through the market with a 4+ rating which meant it had no objectionable content.

After the reports flew through the interwebs over the holiday weekend, people began mounting up against Apple, even resorting to petitioning via  The petition quickly grew to 7,700 signers and read “Supporters of equal rights and the right of women to control their own bodies must stand together and say to Apple: ‘Applications that support hate and division have no place in the iTunes Store,'” said the petition. “Let’s send a strong message to Apple that supporting homophobia and efforts to restrict choice is bad business.”

Apple issued a statement on Tuesday that said “We removed the Manhattan Declaration app from the App Store because it violates our developer guidelines by being offensive to large groups of people,”

Apple as a Corporation has never had a problem with gays in the past. In fact in the early 90’s they were one of the first major tech companies to offer same sex partner benefits to it’ s then workforce of 12,500. At that time Bill Keegan said “We don’t want to define what family is…” In October of 2008 Apple donated $100,000 to “No to no 8” which was to defeat the California ballot initiative to defeat gay marriage in that state.

The publishers of the Manhattan Declaration have already sent emails to Steve Jobs asking why their app was banned.

source: PCWorld and Articlefinder
Image: Pocket Lint

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