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Android Users Get Foursquare For Iphone Update Plus Two New Home Screens

The internet was a buzz at the beginning of the week with news that Fourssquare for iPhone took a major update. Today Foursquare fo Android has taken a major update as well plus the good folks at Foursquare have given the Android community two new widgets, one that makes checking in quicker and the other to see what your friends are up to.

The rest of the update included:
– Adding photos and comments to check-ins
– Adding photos to venues
– Redesigned friends widget
– New places widget

Foursquare comes in particularly handy around this time of year when friends converge home for the holidays and want to meet up to catch up.

Foursquare for Blackberry and WebOS are expected to get an update after New Years.

Source: Mashable

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