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Android Users Consumer More Data; Better Cameras, Better Video,Better Software

Telecom network technology firm Arieso just released information about data consumption on carrier networks.  In their study Arieso said that Android phones use more data primarily because they have better cameras, better video and better software for editing videos.

In this latest study Android was second only behind Symbian beating out both RIM and iPhone. In cities like San Francisco and New York data can be hard to get and feel “bogged down” there is a lot of speculation on what the data strain will be like on Verizon when they release the iPhone in January.

Arieso’s CTO, Michael Flanagan said “Smartphone subscriptions are rising and so too is subscriber appetite for mobile data. It’s a trend that’s set to continue.”

In yesterday’s hot seat interview Sprint’s, CEO, Dan Hesse, spoke about increasing spectrum which illeviates tower strain. Sprint, AT&T and Verizon or workig vigoruosly on improving both network quality and quantity. When it comes to AT&T and Verizon the assumption is made that the capacity increase is needed for iPhone, it looks like it’s more for Android.

Source: Reuters via Phandroid

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