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Android Sending Text Messages To Wrong People?

Mashable is reporting that there is a known bug in the Android software and that a small number of people are sending text messages that are either going to the wrong recipient or to no one at all.

Although we hadn’t heard about it on twitter, comments or in our email box, this problem has reportedly been going on since March 17th when a user posted about it in a Nexus One forum.

“When I have three or four separate text message conversations going, the software gets confused and sends texts to the wrong person some times. You will think that you are typing a response to contact A and then suddenly the contact name at the top switches to contact B.”

Mashable, known for their research, cites a ZDnet poll which has been going on for the last 14 hours or so and so far only 10% of those polled reported any kind of problem with text messaging.  Google is classifying it as a “Priority Medium Bug”.

This seems like an isolated and somewhat small problem but we’re curious have you had this “bug”?

Source: Mashable

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