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Android Market Getting a Face Lift; All Versions 1.6 and Higher

Android Developer Eric Chu has posted to the Android Developer blog letting us know that a much needed face lift is coming the the Android market.  There are significant changes both visually and functionally that will approve the overall user experience. There is one change that is VERY significant that will effect everyone. The market improvements will be made available to anyone with a device on 1.6 or higher.

Beginning with the new App Market roll out the time to evaluate apps for a refund is 15 minutes vs the 24 hours we’ve had in the past.  Remember that Verizon “Spoof” upgrade app, if you fall for something like that you will only have 15 minutes to get out of it.

Now onto the good stuff:

The first thing is a new app carousel that will appear at the top of the market where you can swipe left or right and click thru to the app you want to purchase.

Next, Google has added categories for wallpapers and widgets to make it easier to navigate through all of the apps to find cool new widgets and wallpapers.

Chu also hints to adding categories for popular apps and games.  Although its already been implemented in some Android markets you will see a related apps tab on the app you are looking at.  Presumably both of these changes are to make finding apps easier, hopefully we will see the market sort apps by say; camera, office, etc.

In regards to the 15 minute change Chu said that most people who request a refund do so within the first 15 minutes of download and that’s why the change to 15 minutes.

When you start seeing the new market changes please let us know below.

Source: Android Developers Blog

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