Android is The Smartphone of Choice This Holiday Season

Mashable just completed a poll of over 1500 people. They wanted to know which smartphones they were giving or planning to receive as holiday gifts.

In Mashable’s overall poll which asked “What devices are you buying or recieving in Q4 2010” Android beat out iPhone by a whopping 41.2% (Android and 30.6% (iPhone). Possibly the funniest part of the poll revealed that more people responded they weren’t giving or recieving any device than they were a Blackberry.

As far as gifting goes, Android wins in that category too. 31.6% of respondents said they were giving an Android device over iPhone/iPad’s 20.5%

Are you giving a smartphone this holiday season?

Source: Mashable

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  1. Android is just getting started! can’t wait to see some awesome Android tablets hitting the marketplace next year.

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