Android Closing In: Symbian Closes Website as Planned

We first reported about changes to the Symbian foundation in early November. Although Symbian is the leading OS in the world their market share has been declining because of the upsurge coming from Android.

The Symbian foundation has now closed it’s website as planned. All of their employees have left our are leaving now and The Symbian Foundation will become a licensing agency.  Most of the innerworkings of Symbian will be taken over by Nokia as Nokia evaluates which OS to use whether it be Symian or Meego.

The Symbian Founation has also closed access to it’s operating system. There are no plans known if it will open it back up or support a closed developer network. For now The Symbian Foundation data files are still available via FTP however that will go away too on March 31, 2011

Source: Pocketnow

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  1. How about learning when to use “it’s” and “its” correctly? “It’s” is short for “it is”, where the apostrophe replaces the missing “i”.

  2. What was it the Nokia boss said, “Using Android is like pee in your pants to become warm on a cold winter day”?

  3. Hard to believe that only 1 store remotely close to me got these in. 40 devices for my entire state, that is sad…

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