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Android Beating iPhone in App Ad Based Revenue

We won’t steal Apple’s thunder because they do have a lot more apps in their App Store than Android has in the Android Market.  However the newest mobile mix report by Millennial Media suggest that more Android apps are being downloaded and used.

Since Google’s purchase of Admob, Millennial has become the largest independent mobile advertising company.  In their latest mobile mix index they show that Android applications account for 54% of their company’s of the companys application platform mix in terms of revenue last year.  In the same survey Apple only accounted for 39% of the mix. In the same report Rim/Blackberry only accounted for 2% of that.

Millennial’s current report also showed that Android increased to the platform most desirable for developers in the upcoming year.  In this same portion of the study it showed that iPhone’s popularity with developers has decreased year on year.

Overall the mobile appications industry is thriving and expected to be a $35 billion dollar industry by the year 2014.


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