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Android 15 Minute Rule Sucks; Interwebs Bewildered by Android’s new 15 Minute Refund Window

Eric Chu, announced via the Android Developer’s blog yesterday evening that a great, and long anticipated change to the Android app market was on the way.  There are a lot of great features headed to all Android phones running version 1.6 or higher.  One thing stuck out like a sore thumb though…

Google has decided that they are limiting the refund time on an app market purchase to 15 minutes.  The original refund period was 24 hours however Google found that most apps refunded were done so in the first 15 minutes after purchase/download.

From Facebook status updates, tweets, heck we’ve even seen a few Google Buzz messages about it but a bulk of the Android users are crying foul over this crazy new rule. There are many reasons to disagree with the 15 minute rule here are some of ours:

– We tend to download apps in bulk, maybe I’ve jotted a few titles down in my springpad or have been asked to review a few apps so we do. In other cases when we do app battles we are downloading 3 or 4 apps at a time with 15 minutes we barely have the chance to install and get a feel for the app before having to make the refund decision.

– Keyboard apps, you can’t possibly think a keyboard app can be evaluated in 15 minutes or less.

– Photo apps, I like to test photo apps in real life settings, be it at a street corner, or evening activity, I don’t like to be burdened with trying a photo app in the office or hotel and take a picture of the furniture just to see if I like it.  People may actually make the photo apps function to me seem better than say a lamp.

– Launchers and themes, I love ADW and change my themes all the time, but sometimes I’ve put one on and decided I didnt like it a few hours later, it may be cool immediately but really can you evaluate a launcher theme in 15 minutes?

– Puzzle games, I’ve downloaded paid puzzle games before and played for like 30 minutes and said no this isnt for me, but really 15 minutes on a puzzle game or actually any game for that manner can you really decide in 15 minutes if you like ANY game

– How about this, just downloaded an app on a Verizon phone and then grandma calls and talks to you for 20 minutes, whoops there goes your refund period.

Tell us below why you think the new 15 minute rule, well Sucks!

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