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And This Makes It Official… HTC Teases 4G Phone on Verizon Jan 6th at CES

Well Tuesday we had leaks to five of the top tech sites.  Wednesday we saw a leak of the photo bearing the Verizon 4G LTE Icon. And late tonight we see this.

HTC was the first to bring a “4G” phone to the world via the HTC Evo on Sprint last year. Then they did it again with T-Mobile and now the only other commercially available “4G” network is Verizon and with all the leaked photos they are about to do it again.  Earlier today, Droid Life reported the HTC Mecha may be called the Thunderbolt, from the thunderbolt in Verizon’s first 4G LTE network commercial.

So here we have it we will bring it to you live from CES 2011

Source: Engadget

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