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4 Weeks in and Microsoft Won’t Talk Numbers

Joe Belfiore, one of the Vice President’s at Microsoft in charge of phones was in the hot seat with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher at All Things Digital’s Dive into Mobile event today.

One of the interesting things about All Things Digital this time around is how many people we’ve spoken to that hadn’t seen the previous 8 installments of All Things D. As D-9 approaches in the spring of 2011.  I’m confident they will have many more viewers.  The point of that, not many people I talked to realized how intense All Things Digital is.  Heck, you could’ve watched 60 Minutes the other night and seen how on top of her game Kara Swisher is.

Today in the hotseat Mossberg drilled into Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore about the numbers of Windows Phone 7.  The exchange went like this:

Walt: How many have you sold?

Belfiore: We’re not talking about numbers yet.

Walt: Other people do.

Belfiore: We’re four weeks in. At some point we’ll get to that. “It’s just too soon to talk about numbers.”

We find this a little odd as most manufacturers with a new product launch keep their sales data for new product launches at a fingers reach.  Samsung for instance showed numerous times exactly how many Galaxy Tab’s were sold, and where since the device launched in November.  So is it odd that Microsoft had no figures to reveal to Walt Mossberg or are they way lower than expected?


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