2 Polls: Android & iPhone Tied for Most Desired; Blackberry Most Internet Usage

Two polls released today show very different trends among users of Android devices.  All of this data may be confusing to some. Maybe we’ll shed some light here and maybe we’ll just confuse you some more.

The first poll, released by Nielsen shows that iPhone and Android are in a dead heat for “Most Desired” smartphone.  The poll concluded that women chose iPhone over Android, while men want Android over iPhone. Nielsen has been in the ratings business since 1920 first as ratings analysis then in the 1930’s added television analysis. Over the years they became the dominant ratings company for television where Arbitron became the dominant ratings forum for radio.

Of smartphones owned 27.9% own iPhones, 27.4% own Blackberry’s and 22.7% own Android devices.  However when asked what smartphone they desired iPhone and Android were in a dead heat. According to the survey Android faired best among people 18-24 and male.

The next poll data that was released was by Irish Global Stat company This data showed that Blackberry was the most active among web usage.

When you look at the graph compiled by Statcounter you will see that in terms of actual internet usage both Symbian and iPhone OS have seen a decline while both Android and Blackberry are on the rise. The statcounter data is showing RIM with a  34.3% internet market share, IOS with 33% internet market share and Android with a 23.8% internet market share, Android’s market share is up dramatically from it’s 8.2% market share same time last year.

Aodhan Cullen CEO of statcounter said “These figures suggest that developers should not be developing solely for the iPhone to the exclusion of BlackBerry and Android” Cullen went on to say “…if current trends continue, BlackBerry and Android combined are on course to become twice the size of iOS as regards mobile internet usage in the next year”

In regards to the statcounter data RBC Capital Analyst, Mike Abramsky told his clients and Fortune Magazine “It could be a sign of pent up demand for browsing with BlackBerry users, [now] that BlackBerry can (with its updated browser) satisfy and retain some who might otherwise have switched elsewhere.  Alternatively, it may also reflect how Apple, Android users are doing more apps than browsing on their devices.”

Every poll these days shows the same thing, Android is on the fast track to a great percentage of market share.

Sources: Fortune Tech, Statcounter, Nielsen

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