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Zynga preparing first Android Game

Before you jump off the interwebs and try and find Farmville in the Android Market relax!!! Zunga, the team behind the award winning, divorce causing, bankrupting phenomen called “Farmville” has announced that it is taking the plunge into the market by releasing their popular (but not as popular as Farmville), poker game “Live Poker”

San Francisco based Zynga is by far the largest creator of social media games and is most well known for Farmville. Their decision to release Live Poker for Android is a vote of confidence in the increasingly popular Android OS.¬† In the midst of new features for Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg calling the Ipad “Not Mobile”, we almost overlooked this epic news.

Some of the more popular game developers have shyed away from the Android Operating system because of the way the Android market is organized. Rovio’s vote of confidence and then subsequent 3 Million downloads of their hit “Angry Birds” has definitely sent a wave through the game developer community.

Zynga had nothing to add on their Live Poker announcement but to say that it will utilize the Facebook single sign on feature. Of course mum was the word about any possible porting of Farmville over to Android, but with a good run on Live Poker, I’m confident they may reconsider.

source: Venturebeat

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