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Wozniak Corrects Himself Via Engadget


A few minutes after we researched the story about Apple Co-Founder, Steve Wozniak, praising Android one of our great 30,000 Twitter followers, directed us to the story linked below.

Steve Wozniak jumps into the comment conversation over at Engadget from time to time. This morning he jumped in to clarify his statements to Netherlands newspaper, De Telegraaf. Apparently Wozniak was misquoted and denies saying just about everything in the story.

Wozniak says he was demonstrating speech recognition, citing that at present time Android’s was better. However he said with Apple’s recent acquisition of Sire, that too would be fixed. Woz went on to say that almost every application he had was better on the iPhone.

On numbers, he agreed Android could overtake iPhone (which it is). He went on to say Android could” get greater market share and still be crappy”

Do you think De Telegraaf got it all wrong or Wozniak had a hush hush meeting with Steve Job’s marketing team on Infinite Loop? Or better yet did he walked into Job’s office and Jobs screamed on him, ala Pirates of Silicon Valley?

Source: Engadget

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