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Why I Switched to Android: Rob N

Where to start,

Ok here we go I ordered a G1 when they first came out but was then  laid off so I needed to return it to save some money. Once back on my feet I said I need to leave Blackberry and picked up an iPhone from a friend (FOR FREE) that was jailbroken and I unlocked it for T-mobile, and I HATED it.

So looking on T Mobiles site I seen the Samsung Behold 2 (I know I know) But I liked the specs and camera so I picked it up and was hooked to Android, Coming from a windows phone background also I am never happy with stock. So I instantly searched for customs ROMs and found some users on the android forums that were making stock 1.6 based off the galaxy ROM and loaded it and loved it but I out grown the behold 2 cause it was a bad phone slow, bad battery, can see the screen in the sun and the list goes on.

Picked up a G1 off Craigslist and loved it loaded more ROMs on it and got tired of it (I’m a phone whore and have to have a new phone ever 6 months) and then went to the Cliq then Cliq XT then MyTouch 3G to the Eris and Droid now getting the Droid 2 Global.

What it comes down to me switching I love the full spec of apps, customizing and just the fact that it’s Linux based, being and IT admin I love android for the fact you can root most of the phones fairly easy and do everything from watch TV to wifi tethering.

With an android in my hand not only do I feel like I have a friend with me at all times I’m also connected to my real friends at all time.

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