Verizon HTC Merge is Close, Accessories Hitting Stores Now


Android Central has obtained photos of a Body Glove HTC Merge snap-on cover.

As you may know Body Glove has been one of the few 3rd party accessory vendors whose products are sold in Verizon Corporate stores.  This is definitely a genuine photo.

The HTC Merge was rumored to hit on November 18th by, however that didn’t pan out. Typically Verizon’s window from receiving accessories and dummy phones for a new device is between 2 and 4 weeks.

This phone was originally leaked on August 4th by Aaron Kasten of to and, so its been a long time coming.  With the cases showing up in stores and not just inventory sheets, its looking like the HTC Merge might just make the holiday season after all.

Source: Android Central

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