Verizon Does ANYTHING to Not Use Google on Android LOL

** This story about an advertising faux pas should be taken in jest**

As you know has been relentless in it’s quest to send out the message that BING on a Google Android OS is just, well WRONG.  We are pretty confident that we have now figured out that Verizon Wireless will use Microsoft’s Bing search engine on all Android phones that are not branded “DROID”.  Today we see they take it one step further in an advertisement.  In the ad above Verizon’s ad agency has used a screen shot of iPhone’s turn by turn navigation rather than using Google Maps. The ad has since been revised and we are pretty confident someone on Madison ave is in a bit of hot water.

The corrected ad is below:

Source: Engadet via Androidspin

4 Replies to “Verizon Does ANYTHING to Not Use Google on Android LOL”

  1. Verizon’s reasoning is who wouldn’t want a superior product on their phone? Everyone knows that Microsoft products are always vastly superior to their Google counterparts and Verizon wants to make absolutely certain that their customers get the very best Android experience. Bing also has better GPS navigation software on Android when compared to Google’s navigation software. Bing navigation automatically reroutes you around traffic. Google’s navigation software makes you take your eyes off the road and tap a bunch of buttons while you’re driving. Very, very dangerous software.

  2. I’m still not understanding the reasoning behind placing Bing onto an Android device. Can someone please shed some light on this?

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