Verizon adds Motorola Citrus Today! Eco-Friendly Affordable Android

Although the specs of the Motorola Citrus, on Verizon Wireless, may not turn the heads of tech enthusiasts, it’s a great stepping stone for feature phone users migrating to smartphones. The Motorola Citrus is an entry level Android phone with a conscious.
Made from 25% post consumer recycled plastic, the Motorola Citrus also boasts Android 2.1, Moto Blur, a 3″ screen and a 3MP camera.Verizon wireless is keeping this handset affordable and inline with it’s feature set at just $50 after rebate. If you’re not custom to having the newest greatest phone and version of the OS, than the Citrus may be what your looking for. It has a simple smart-candybar touch screen form factor.
If you’re looking for your first Android device you will get the benefits of a Google apps experience minus the out of the box Google search. As with every non “Droid” branded Android device on Verizon, the Motorola Citrus comes stock with the Bing search engine. New customers will enjoy access to multiple Google Accounts, over 100,000 apps in the Android market, and easy access to social media.
In addition to the 25% post consumer recycled plastic the box is made up of 80% post consumer recycled paper, and the ink in the manual is soy based.
The Motorola Citrus is a good buy for a new Android user coming from a “dumb” or “feature” phone. It’s also a great phone for a social media conscious teen or young adult. Verizon has a variety of great, price conscious, Android devices available now and before the holidays.

Source: Verizon Wireless

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