The SoundiD 5 experience – The App

Bluetooth headsets have to be more than just a little special in order to grab my attention, they really do. There are so many out there that have obvious flaws that for the most part I ignore them. It has to be something really unique. Something new, but still functional. As it stands, I have only ever come across one other headset I deemed unique enough to write about. Today, I found a second. Welcome to the SoundiD 5.

SoundiD has been making iPhone bluetooth devices for a little while now, and keeping to the market bears some obvious flaws given the meteoric rise of Android. With that, they released the 5. At first glance it’s just an ordinary looking headset. What sets this device apart is the app. That’s right, when you buy a SoundiD headset, you control it via an app after pairing. Not just normal controls either. SoundiD’s Earprint app gives you constant battery stats on your device, as well a a host of audio controls to make your headset feel like it was made custom for you. Earprint also allows for you to utilize the three microphones on the device in a “Passthrough” mode, so when not on a call, your headset isn’t blocking sounds in one ear. The audio basses through from the mic straight to the speaker. This function, just like in a phone call, is completely┬ácustomizable┬ávia your SoundiD fingerprint. The fingerprint is a full screen swipeable audio control that allows you to tweak the inputs of the mic until its perfect for you. It’s the most control I have ever seen in a headset, and that’s really what sets this apart.

SoundID’s 5 series will be coming to ATT stores and other retailers soon. It’s the most complete package for any device in its class, and that uniqueness earned it a ton of respect for me. Keep an eye out for this and several other bluetooth headsets coming from SoundiD this christmas, and don’t forget that free Earprint app from the market!

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