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The Droid Guy Vindicated: Ipad is Not Mobile

We’re not going to waste your time with the boring details of the update to Facebook for Android. If you’re that interested please go to the market and get Facebook for Android 1.4.0, yes it’s got some perks but really I’ve never used places or groups. In fact people who are friends on my personal Facebook know its sort of just a tribute page.. LOL…

We’re also not going to tell you how great the non-existent Facebook phone is. We will say with all the hype given to the facebook phone rumor by the likes of many Android sites and Android After Dark last night, we were right all along, no phone (Hey Scotty the N2 isn’t coming out November 8 either)

The biggest piece of news to come out of the Facebook press conference, was that the Ipad is not mobile. Wait let me put that in quotes “The Ipad is Not Mobile”. Mark Zuckerberg actually said this in the press event held by Facebook earlier in the day today.¬† Zuckerberg did add that he didn’t mean for it to be rude. He probably also didn’t mean to have a bunch of tech journalists/bloggers take the quote out of context, so we won’t.

Zuckerberg said that the Ipad was simply not mobile and more of a computer than a mobile device. This serves two forms of vindication for thedroidguy. First, Steve Jobs always throws the Ipad and the Ipod Touch into his mix when trying to rebutt the number of daily Android activations.

Secondly, it vindicates the fact that a 10″ tablet is just too big. When compared to the size of some of the latest netbooks and of course the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Tab the Ipad at 10″ is just too big. A man of his way though, Steve Jobs, has said that 10″ is perfect and that Apple has no plans for a 7″ version…

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