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T-Mobile G2 users to see wifi calling starting later today

You’d think we started working for our good friend Dave at Tmonews, however that’s not the case, T-Mobile just keeps putting out more and more goodness. A leak from Tmonews has uncovered that the G2 will start seeing an update later today (November 3) and completed by November 8th that will allow wifi calling.

What’s interesting as that at the time of delivery of the message in the photo above the internal electronic memo stated that T-Mobile doesn’t support wifi tethering, however in the press release we received late yesterday (November 2, 2010) it detailed plans for wifi tethering ala both the G2 and the MyTouch 4G at a price for an add-on of $14.99 for customers on the $30 data plan.¬† Although not confirmed we would bet that this G2 update will unlock the tethering goodness that is part of Froyo (Android 2.2)

Let us know below when you receive the update and if tethering is also turned on!

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