T-Mobile boasts 200Million Pops on 4G Network

A mere hours before T-Mobile debuts their newest handset optimized for their HSPA+ “4G” network, the MyTouch 4G, they have lit up a bunch more markets bringing their total pops for “4G” to over 200 million.

Quickly, in case you didn’t know, the difference between sub and pop is this: A sub is a subscriber, someone who is actually signed up either pre-paid or postpaid as a carrier customer. A “pop” is someone who resides underneath the blanket of signal in any given network. So today’s news is that T-Mobile has turned on enough HSPA+/4G towers to cover a population of 200 Million.

Although it’s been running in New York for a few weeks now, Sprint officially turned on their 4G/WiMax services in New York City yesterday increasing Sprint/Clearwire’s reach to 82 Million “pops”. Sprint has said they hope to reach 120 Million pops by the end of the year.

This may come as news to you as Sprint is the nations 3rd largest carrier and T-Mobile is the nations 4th largest carrier. The reason for this is because T-Mobile has focused their HSPA+ on heavily populated areas that actually need higher speed data available at the device level. Sprint’s 4G is a partnership with Clearwire. When Clearwire began rolling out their pre-wimax and now wimax towers they started in much smaller markets. Clearwire’s pre-wimax product was actually marketed originally as an alternative to dial up in locations where fiber wasn’t on the radar.

We went more in depth about T-Mobile’s HSPA+ coverage and speeds when we spoke with T-Mobile yesterday in this article.

Although HSPA+ is not technically 4G by ITU-R standards, it has reached peak speeds via a rocket/usb stick of 21mbps. Although a far cry from the 100mbps 4G is supposed to deliver, to borrow a slogan from Winamp “It kicks the llamas ass”. In actual comparison by thedroidguy and thedroidguy staffers HSPA+ and Sprint’s Wimax/4G, when compared side by side in markets with both, does in fact “kick the llamas ass”

As T-Mobile lit up Chicago IL, Colorado Springs CO, Fort Wayne IN, Louisville KY, Raliegh/Durham NC and Wilmington NC they said in a statement

“The footprint of our 4G service is not something that competitors are going to match anytime soon, and starting today, we will begin marketing our network advantage with TV commercials advertising ‘America’s Largest 4G Network’ from T-Mobile.”

They went on to say that T-Mobile now offers a super fast next generation mobile broadband experience to more people than any other wireless network in the country.

Move over Verizon, T-Mobile, via a press release, has stated that we will start seeing and hearing commercials with the branding “America’s Largest 4G Network”  Verizon has announced it hopes to launch 30+ NFL markets with their LTE “4G” service by the end of the year.

T-Mobile highlights their new branding/slogan in this commercial for the MyTouch 4G

As you can see going forward there is no shame in T-Mobile’s game.

In addition to the T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Android smartphone, T-Mobile has also released a new netbook by Dell. The Dell Inspirion Mini 10 4G is the first netbook offered by any carrier to optimize “4G’ technology.

Although the ITU-R has classified “4G ” as networks producing speeds of 100mbps downstream, The Yankee Groups, Research Fellow, Chris Nicoll has said “Consumers do not understand the technical alphabet soup of technologies involved in 4G, but for our purposes we define WiMAX, LTE and HSPA+ as 4G technologies,”

T-Mobile has also joined the likes of AT&T, Sprint and Verizon in now charging for Wifi-Sharing/Tether.  Customers who enjoy T-Mobile’s unlimited data plan at $30 a month can also add the tethering feature to their wifi sharing enabled devices for an additional $14.99

Source: T-Mobile

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  1. I just wondering how they will charge for those who already have tethering/wifi hotspot abilities with our phones since they can’t really track how we are connecting.

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