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Sprint Palm Pre Falls Victim to Android


This isn’t the story every Android fanboy has been waiting for, that Android has killed the iphone. However it is the story that Android has killed the Palm Pre, at least on Sprint.

Sprint rolled out the Palm Pre as their flagship device in June of 2009 to battle AT&T’s iPhone. Both Palm and Sprint were optimistic that a developer community with thousands of developers and hundreds of thousands of apps would embrace the WebOS. However what happened instead was they all flocked to IOS and Android. To date there are over 100,000 apps in the Android market and under 10,000 for WebOS.

Since the release of the Palm Pre, Palm has succombed to a slew of internal problems. Some of the Palm Pre’s original developers actually left Palm for greener pastures at Google/Android. Other key Palm execs left for other companies. HP actually ponied up 2.1 Billion Dollars earlier this year to bail out Palm.

Since announcing the HTC Hero and the Samsung Moment, last year, Sprint has been resilient in their support of the Android Operating system. In June of this year, Sprint teamed up with HTC to release the Sprint HTC Evo 4G, the first smartphone running on Sprints WiMax network, also running Android. The EVO 4G was the highest selling, most sought after Sprint phone ever.

Sprint CEO, Dan Hesse, has used every opportunity to praise Android, including an event at CTIA, the Sprint Developers Conference, and even their last few earnings calls.

The Palm Pre is still being sold at Verizon Wireless stores, but with no marketing support. Verizon has invested 100s of millions of dollars in advertising in support of both their high end “Droid” branded devices and their midrange Androids as well.

Source: venturebeat, precentral

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