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Sprint Adds Voicemail to Text to Visual Voicemail

Jason Norment at Android Tapp is reporting, along with several others on twitter, that he received an update for his Sprint HTC Evo 4G’s visual voicemail. Although many of us use alternatives to carrier voicemail, like Google Voice, Sprint has actually upgraded their voicemail 10 fold over the last year.

The latest improvement comes in the form of voicemail to text. This transcription service, pioneered via Google Voice’s predecessor, Grand Central, transcribes voicemail messages to text so that you can read your voicemail.¬† This is great for when you’re at home or at the office, of course in the car old fashioned voicemail via Bluetooth is probably safest.

We’ve managed to find a few people who have received this update and also use Google Voice as well, so in the coming days we will post a transcription vs transcription test. You may remember when Grand Central first rolled this feature out the voicemail transcriptions were hit or miss. As of today the Google Voice, voice recognition still has trouble with certain dialects and still provides some great humor in their transcriptions.

Sprint is offering this service for $1.99 per month add-on after a free 30 day trial. Instead of automatic billing, Sprint says they will stop the service after 30 days and ask you to opt in. That in itself is a big thumbs up to the nations 3rd largest carrier.

Source: Android Tapp, The Sprint Cell Phone Blog

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