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Springpad Does More Than Note, It Helps You Remember

Springpad is catching on like wildfire. This app available as a web app, Android App, iPad App, iPhone App and GTab app picks up where simple note sync programs like Evernote stop.  Hundreds of thousands of people are taking advantage of this new free service (it’s more than an app) which does what it says, it helps you “remember”

Now the start of the interface could be familiar to anyone that has been using a note syncing app but it’s what happens after you add stuff to your Springpad account that makes it so easy to use and helps you remember. Springpad lets you organize your clippings in whatever way you want. Some of the most common include: Family schedules, after school duties, meal time planner, date night planner, restaurants to stay away from, restaurants to go to etc.  Basically you add your data and then almost make your own custom app.

Take a photo, scan a barcode, drop a voice note on any entry you want. Take multiple entries and turn them into custom notebooks.

Now with the HTML-5 integration that Springpad just completed, Springpad offers a more fluid experience from the Web App to your Gtab or other tablet pc.  CEO Jeff Janer said “With Springpad’s ‘smart notes,’ saving something is just the first step,” said Jeff Janer, Springpad CEO. “After you save an item, Springpad acts as a virtual personal assistant to automatically organize what you save and give you relevant information and useful offers. Our goal is to help you save time and money when you’re ready to act. Now, thanks to HTML5, we are delivering even faster performance and a more fluid app-like experience on your desktop…” and of course your Galaxy Tab

Source: Springpad

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