Sony Ericcson Xperia X10 USA getting an update, Just Kidding

If you recall a few weeks ago we brought you a story direct from the official Sony Ericcson blog that said the Xperia X10 that said they were rolling out Android 2.1 and other features across the world… But wait it stopped before it got to the United States and the AT&T Xperia X10
Sony has a great phone that has been plagued by Android 1.6. The Xperia X10 comes in two colors, Core Store Black and Best Buy White. If you’ve picked up an X10 for yourself you’ve probably been looking for the Android 2.1 update. Well this statement from the  official Sony Ericcson USA Facebook page lets everyone know that the update isn’t coming.. at least for now.


Many of you are aware that we are currently in the midst of rolling out a software update for the Xperia™ line of handsets. We’d like to take a moment to address your questions about how and why an update is made available.

One factor in determining a software update is when a country first received the handset. The Xperia™ X10 has been available in some countries since March 2010 and they are also the first to receive the update. The U.S. received the X10 in August 2010 and will receive the update after the initial countries.

The second and more impactful factor of the timeline addresses the technical requirements that must be met in order for an update to take place — no matter which country you live in. Unfortunately, we have no control of that timeline factor. Those requirements are provided to us and we work hard to meet and test them as quickly as we can. In the U.S., the testing process is especially rigorous, and can take months to complete, which is why we cannot announce the timing for availability of the X10 update in the U.S. It’s not that we don’t want to; it’s that the timing is undefined until such testing is completed.

We hear and understand your frustration. We too want you to enjoy the most out of your Sony Ericsson products. We promise to keep you updated on where we are in the process moving forward as more information is ready to be made public. Please stay tuned to this Facebook tab!

Thank you,

Sony Ericsson USA

So there you have it. We will let you know when the Sony Ericcson Xperia X10 will actually get that update!


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