Slacker Radio and Thedroidguy Makin Babies Contest

We’ve got 10 free 3 months of service to the awesome Slacker Radio app for Android. Slackerradio is a “radio” app for Android, similar to Pandora but with a lot more user control! So for the next 10 days we are giving away a free code a day good for (3) three, free months of Slacker Radio! Here’ s how to play!
Every Day we are going to post a “Baby” sound clip to You MUST be following both Slacker Radio @slackerradio and Thedroidguy on twitter to play.  Listen to the baby clip (it’s a lot harder than it sounds) and identify the Title and Artist for which the baby came from.  For a sample, so you understand how to play, there is a baby attached. If you think you know the right answer leave it in comments below. For your entry to be valid you need to log into disqus comments using your TWITTER ID (not facebook). The first right answer in the comments below that days “baby” wins the slacker gift code.

The Codes are good for three months from the day you first redeem it so you can re-gift it if you wish!

Now remember the “Baby” in this post is just an example because it’s easy.

Real quick, not all the “Babies” are from songs that have the word “Baby” in the title, which makes it even harder. The “Babies’ vary too some may be really easy (like the one in this post) and some may be a lot harder. They are from mostly “Hits” from the 70’s to today.

Good Luck!

*** We can not be responsible for errors in wordpress, twitter, or disqus. Prizes will be emailed within 48 hours of determining the correct guess** The first person with the correct guess in our stream of disqus comments wins provided they are following both slackerradio @slackerradio and theroidguy @thedroidguy on twitter

Here is the Practice babypractice

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