Slacker Radio and The Droidguys Baby for today! 11-4-10

Today is day 2 of the “Name that Baby” contest. Here’ s how it works:
Make sure you are following both Slacker Radio @slackerradio and Thedroidguy @thedroidguy on twitter. Congratulations to Brian Edwards who correctly identified baby number 1 as Sinead O’Connor’s “Nothing Compares to you”
Then listen to the small clip below of the word “baby”, feel free to listen 100x if you have to.
Once you have a guess as to the title and artist of the song please post your answer in the comments below. For this to be a valid entry you need to sign into Disqus using your twitter ID.

The first person to correctly identify the song that this “baby” came out of, wins a free 3 month subscription to the world famous Slacker Radio.

It’s that easy (although the clues are hard)

**hint this clue also does not have the word “BABY” in the title. Also for the record NONE of the 10 clues are Justin Bieber anything.

Good luck Here is todays Baby

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