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RIM Kicks Kik off their service, why?

OK so here is another reason why you should toss out that old Blackberry or donate it to Cellphones for Soldiers and get yourself a hot new Android device from any number of retailers that are offering top devices under $100 this Friday.

If you’re in the know then you know about Kik probably one of the best messaging apps that goes across platforms.  We’d love to say it was across all platforms now but it’s just Android and iPhone as Rim has decided to kick it off their system.  A short time ago Blackberry/RIM made a move and took the popular Kik off of the Blackberry app world. Sure that was a big deal but at least the million or so Kik users who already downloaded it could still use it.  Now that’s not the case. RIM has stepped in and disabled Kik’s ability to push new messages to Blackberry devices. Now, a Kik user will have to wait sometimes near an hour for the messages to populate on their device.

Research In Motion (RIM) issued this statement about Kik:

Kik is very similar in nature to Google Talk (sometimes referred to as Gtalk or Google Chat) and AOL instant messenger which can still be accessed by Blackberry however Kik’s popularity has increased 10 fold over the last few months and with developers hot on it’s tail to develop new ways of using the service we can’t help but think RIM may be afraid it will replace it’s proprietary Blackberry Messenger Service.

In response to RIM’s decision Kik has put up a blog post encouraging their Blackberry users to tell RIM to tun Kik back on

So if you want to keep using Kik, go ahead donate that old Blackberry and Go Android!

Source: Intomobile & Kik Blog

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