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Paypal Android Market Rumors getting hot and heavy again

We originally posted a story on October 27th that Paypal would become a way to pay for apps in the Android market. The source on that story was the actual Paypal blog. However, as this story made it through the blogsphere the original post was removed and mum was the word.

Our friends over at Android Central have received, what they are calling an anonymous tip, that indicated the paypal support for the Android Market will begin on November 2, 2010 (as in tomorrow). Central always warns that with any rumor take it as that a rumor, however they are not ones to base their reporting on bad sources.

The Android Central story goes on to say that a string of Paypal press releases will come out announcing the added feature to the market. It’s worthy to note that in the last few months Paypal has really embraced Android. Their Paypal for Android app is fluid and consistent and also feature packed. You can do just about everything with the Paypal for Android app that you can do on their website. You also have a tip calculator and a bump feature.

A lot of Android adoptee’s have said that the Google Checkout process is “clunky”. Although we like most Google products, the checkout feature does leave a lot to be desired. We prefer the ease of carrier billing through T-Mobile however having that Paypal payment feature is a plus.

iPhone users can already use paypal to pay for apps by adding a paypal account to their iTunes. The downside to this process is payment type changes must be performed within the iTunes app on your computer whereas we have heard that like multiple credit cards and carrier payments, Paypal will be a dropdown available to Android users at checkout.

source: Android Central

image courtesy of Android Central

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